Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Blues

It is mid-December and we are now 2 months into the project. I am amazed at how much I am learning and have realized how much I've screwed up, from the green build viewpoint. At this moment in time, there is a dumpster in our front yard filled with green waste, an old dishwaher and garbage disposal, wood, and whatever else was on the job site. I am so embarassed I can't bring myself to take a picture of it for the blog. That dumpster is going straight to the landfill. It wasn't sorted and won't be recycled and I feel horrible. If I could only have some time and a huge truck to take the stuff to a recycle facility myself, I would. Or would I?

I think this is the guilt that fills most of us, but not enough for us to actually do anything about. So, instead I blog and hope that others after me will be more pro-active. In my defense, I also advocate for the city to streamline its policies so that it makes doing the right thing convenient. Currently in San Diego, you have to call and make an appointment for a Sat. visit to bring in your atypical trash (like dishwashers, old monitors, metal, If you've got old copper, however, that is EASY to get rid of because it is worth money. Sometimes it is even stolen from your site (don't ask!). Eric took our old cooper piping to a private recycle facility and made $84.00. But, even the private sector makes recycling difficult. They would not take anything else we had even though there website said they would. There, have I justified myself enough?? I feel less guilty already. ;-)

A teaser for my next I bet you never thought that could be more than a few lines. Just wait............

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Cara said...

Wow, I continue to be impressed with what you've done. Don't feel too guilty about the dump, you have already made it up in so many other ways. I am learning so much from you guys!!!