Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With the best intentions

Here is my rant of the day.  I spent a LOT of time tracking down materials for us to use in our remodel--anything from wood flooring to door knobs.  Well after all that hard work, it turns out the bricks I got off craigslist weren't able to be used on our front porch because they weren't veneers.  I've got hope that we will be able to use them in our landscaping, but who knows.  

The existing red oak floors that we had on the entry level of our split home were pulled up and TOSSED to the curb by the floor guys because they were the wrong height and deemed "unusable".  The salvaged red oak flooring that I did manage to pick up is only going to cover about 6oo square feet, not 1000 sq.ft.  Light fixtures, towel racks and other various things from the old house that we were going to re-use in the remodel were tossed in the dump pile because construction folks are not used to people salvaging things.  There mindset is everything goes.  I am waiting for our old toilet (only 5 years old, actually) to be tossed, but somehow it has remained in the center of our master bedroom.  

Bottom line:  If you plan to keep anything, get is as far away from the construction site as possible.  If you plan to bring salvaged or reclaimed materials into your build, know that they may not end up working.  Them's the breaks.  Promise the next post will be a little more uplifting :) 

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sharmila said...

Hi Malia,

It's great to see a green remodeled home and I was wondering if you could help me in regards to that. My husband and I have purchased a condo and wanted to change the carpets in two rooms to either reclaimed wood flooring or to FSC certified bamboo flooring. It's jus around 277 sq ft. I tried contacting Smith and Fong Plyboo, since they seem like the only people who have affordale bamboo floors (around $4/st ft) however it looks like they are not interested in such a small area. Vintage timber that sells reclaimed floors is just too expensive for us. Would you know of any other place in San Diego that would help two people who really want to be green but are on a strict flooring budget?

Thanks, I'd appreciate any help.