Friday, June 6, 2008

You never post anymore

Okay, so I admit our regular updates have turned into quarterly updates. The last post was done by Eric because even he was getting tired of waiting for something new. Who knew that the closer you get to the finish line, the more uphill the race. I have been so busy with decisions, decisions, decisions for the house that I just haven't carved out the time to post. And you know how it goes... if you miss class for three months, do you really want to go back? Well, here I am but I am not sure where to say 1,000 words. Enjoy! PS-Formatting is not my speciality!
Old bathroom tile will live on! Love the mint green.

The front porch and roof take shape.
Notice all the brick piled up--go Craigslist.
Side porch

Inside the house in the hallway. We are keeping all existing wood floors as much as possible. Some was damaged due to heavy rains and no roof---go figure.

Beginning foundation for the new roof and porch in front and side of house. It was just before Christmas and our neighborhood puts out luminarias for the holiday. We had signs up for free fill dirt and got rid of a bit of our mountains of dirt that way.

Denim jean scraps getting a new life as insulation that we put in EVERYWHERE. We are under the flight pattern in San Diego so this is seriously going to make our lives calmer.

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that tech guy said...

As of July 1 2008 a C&D permit has been added to the permit process. The flyers are the water bill.